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Newport Solid Fuel Heater


The Newport Solid Fuel Heater is a small stainless steel solid fuel heater designed for casual use ideal for smaller boats. This heater burns one to two 2,5 cm thick wood or presto log, a handful of charcoal briquettes or coal. Removable ash drawer and damper control.

  •  Requires 3” (7,62 cm) diameter chimney parts.
  • Minimum 1,2 meter of chimney is required, a 1,8 meter straight run with no elbows work best.
  • Chimneys 1,8 meter or longer we highly recommend a barometric damper.
  • Permanent fresh air vent needed in area of the unit.
  • Decorative laser cut door.
  • Creates a dry heat to dry out moisture inside the vessel.
  • Removable ash drawer for easy cleaning & damper control.

Width: 20 cm   Height: 37,5 cm   Depth: 25,5 cm

Weight: 6,8 kg

Heat Output (aprox):    Low: 0,88 kWh    High: 2,34 kWh

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